Road & Sidewalk Improvements Coming Soon

We’re so excited! MnDOT is making some needed improvements to Highway 139 through downtown Harmony. Our sidewalks will be getting a facelift and be made ADA compliant, this phase of the project is expected to start on July 10th, and will take about two weeks. (One week per side of the street.)

We’d like to assure everyone that our downtown businesses will still be open, and it will still be easy to access them. We are working with MnDOT and Rochester Sand & Gravel (the contractor) to make sure that this project goes as smoothly as possible.

Once the sidewalk stage is complete, Highway 139 is getting a new surface. This will be done one lane at a time, so no detours will be necessary during the project and you can still get to where you’re going. The portion through our downtown business district will be done in a matter of days, and the entire Minnesota side of 139 from Harmony to the Iowa border will be completed before Labor Day.

Don’t let some minor construction stop you from exploring all that Harmony has to offer! We are still open for business, and very happy to have you come and see all the things we have to offer. See you soon!