Harmony Area Historical Society

The Harmony Area Historical Society was established in the year 2000. They are dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history of the Harmony Area through various displays and other projects. One would have to say that

A draft of one of the new historical signs

they’re doing quite well in that regard.

They have completed several projects including the renovation of what is now the conference room at the Harmony Visitor Center. Visitors there enjoy viewing displays about the history of Harmony, including a special display about the service career of fallen Harmony veteran David Michel. The Historical Society has also created a sinkhole interpretive site just outside of town on the Harmony-Preston state bike trail, and has installed displays in the Visitor Center, as well as a Harmony graduate display at the Harmony Community Center.

For their latest project, the group is creating a series of 11 historical signs to be displayed between the Visitor Center and Selvig Park, depicting various buildings, stories and points of interest about our town starting as far back as 1856 and up until 1960. The project is being done with the help of a grant from Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation and support from the Harmony Area Community Foundation, and should be installed in the spring of 2018. The group will provide a map of the informational signs to encourage locals and visitors alike to explore Harmony’s history, which will be available at the Harmony Visitor Center.

For those who are interested in learning more about Harmony’s history, the book titled ‘Let’s Have Harmony’ (put together by Historical Society members) is available for purchase at the Visitor Center. The group can be found in their space in the Visitor Center building on Wednesday mornings, and can assist with local genealogy research and records by appointment.

To reach the Historical Society via email, email hahs@harmonytel.net or visit them on the web at harmonymnhistory.org The group also has a Facebook page which posts a number of amazing historic photos!